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Planting calendar.

Our planting calendar aims to give you a few pointers to help ensure that your plants thrive and produce lush growth. The calendar shows the optimum months for using each of our products.

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Seed and cutting compost Seed and cutting
Potting compost Potting compost
Geranium compost Geranium compost
Container compost Container compost
Rose compost Rose composte
Lawn substrate Lawn substrate
Cemetery compost Cemetery compost
Ericaceous compost Ericaceous compost
Planting compost Planting compost
Horticultural peat Horticultural peat
Bark mulch Bark mulch
Rose mulch Rose mulch
Bark humus Bark humus
Flower feed Flower feed
Fertilizer sticks Fertilizer sticks
Decorative mulch Decorative mulch
Flowerpot compost Flowerpot compost
Bed and balcony compost Bed and balcony
Garden compost Garden compost
Plant humus Plant humus
Decorative mulch Decorative mulch
Jan J Feb F Mar M Apr A May M Jun J Jul J Aug A Sep S Oct O Nov N Dec D
Ziegler Erden Pro Natur Hochbeetserie

The Pro Natur raised bed system.

To ensure your summer vegetable harvest is a big success, we recommend the Pro Natur complete raised bed filling system. Three simple steps and your raised bed is ready to go.

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Ziegler Erden Pro Natur Hochbeetserie