Ziegler Erden Logistik Fuhrpark LKWs

Our logistics.

Fast, flexible, international.

On-time delivery

Our truck fleet delivers our products direct to customers in Germany and neighbouring countries when they need them.

Ziegler Erden Verladung
  • Our own truck fleet
    with more than 60 vehicles.
  • A close, long-term relationship
    with our transport partner.
  • On-time delivery

Flexible vehicle fleet.

To meet the varying needs of our customers, our fleet features a variety of vehicles. And it’s also worth noting that our trucks can carry any combination of our products.

Bulk goods and pallets are mainly delivered by sliding floor and curtain trailers. The sliding floor makes loading and unloading extremely simple. In addition, if required a mobile forklift can be used to make unloading easier.

Dedicated timber trucks are available for delivery of timber of all sizes.

Ziegler Erden Logistik Fuhrpark LKWs

Innovative logistics system.

To enable us to process all orders rapidly and flexibly, all of our pallets are labelled and barcoded. Each pallet is recorded on our system along with all relevant additional information, helping to improve warehousing efficiency.

Ziegler Pellets Paletten Etikett

On-time delivery.

Our many years of experience enable us to plan ahead with our logistics and guarantee on-time delivery.

During peak periods like the spring gardening season, we load around 200 trucks daily. Our team and our transport partners ensure that our logistics always runs smoothly even when workloads are at their highest.

Ziegler Erden Verladung Logistik

Your contact for all logistics enquiries.

Bernhard Ziegler

Head of logistics

09636/9202-16 b.ziegler(at)ziegler-erden.de

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