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The Ziegler compost and fuel works in Oberpfalz manufactures high-quality composts and substrates, supplies bark, peat and fertilisers and produces sustainable fuels such as wood pellets and wood briquettes.

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Pellet price enquiry

Thermospan Frühjahrsaktion 2024
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(DE) Thermospan Holzpellets Frühjahrs Aktion

(DE) Füllen Sie jetzt Ihre Heizvorräte auf und profitieren Sie von attraktiven Vorteilen: Bei Bestellungen bis zum 31.03.2024 schenken wir Ihnen 100kg Holzpellets und zusätzlich die Schlauchpauschale im Wert von 35€.*

(DE) Holzpellets Preis anfragen
Thermospan Frühjahrsaktion 2024

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For questions on our products, sales enquiries or to tell us what we’re doing right or what we could do better, our staff are here for you from Monday to Saturday.

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30 years of quality products from Oberpfalz.

As a family business, for more than 30 years we have set ourselves a high standard: to develop innovative, sustainable products using an efficient, environmentally-friendly production process. This corporate philosophy is now being pursued by a second generation. Find out more about us and how we work.

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Erdenwerk Gregor Ziegler

TIMPOR® – more than a sustainable wood-fibre peat substitute

To support environmentally-friendly horticulture, we developed TIMPOR®. TIMPOR® is a specially processed structural wood fibre used as a peat substitute, allowing us to reduce the amount of peat used in our products or remove it completely.

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(DE) Thermospan Holzpellets
Frühjahrs Aktion 2024

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(DE) Mache deine Ausbildung im innovativsten Erdenwerk

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