Orchid Compost

Growing substrate.

Plantop Orchid Compost

High-quality raw materials like specially sieved pine bark and sphagnum moss ensure a very loose structure, preventing clumping and providing orchids’ sensitive air roots with adequate anchorage and air.

The special high quality mixture prevents waterlogging and root rot.

Specially designed high-quality professional fertilisers containing all essential macro and micro-nutrients supply plants for about 8 weeks with no additional fertilisation.

  • 5 Liter
    Contents: 5 Liter
    Item number: 2400
    Supplied as: 1/2 Palette
    Unit: 5 x 5 l
    EAN: 4027892100027
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Plantop Orchid Compost
  • Product details:

    Nutrients (nominal value)
    Nitrogen (N): 100 mg/l (CaCI²)
    Phosphate (P²O5): 120 mg/l (CAL)
    Potassium (K²O): 250 mg/l (CAL)
    Magnesium (Mg): 100 mg/l (CaCI²)
    Sulphur (S) total: 150 mg/l (CaCI²)

    Salt content in g (KCI/I)


    pH (CaCI²)



    Vegetable materials from forestry (100% pine bark), untreated, shredded, fractionated conifer bark 7–18 mm, sphagnum moss, NPK fertiliser, lime.

    Plant examples:



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