Profi-Aktiv Type 2

Growing substrate for pot and container plants.

Plantop Profi-Aktiv Type 2

Plantop Profi-Aktiv Type 2 growing substrate is a high quality, ready-to-use substrate for salt-tolerant crops consisting of quality-assured bark humus, raised-bog peat, clay and perlite. The balanced nutrient ratio with micro-nutrients guarantees an optimum base fertilisation for all floriculture crops.

Plantop Profi-Aktiv Type 2 growing substrate guarantees good structural stability, optimum growth and reliable growing.

  • 70 Liter
    Contents: 70 Liter
    Item number: 102
    Supplied as: Euro-Palette
    Unit: 33 x 70 l
    EAN: 4027892092803
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Plantop Profi-Aktiv Type 2
  • Product details:

    Nutrients (nominal value)
    Nitrogen (N): 150 mg/l (CaCI²)
    Phosphate (P2O5): 150 mg/l (CAL)
    Potassium (K2O): 1500 mg/l (CAL)
    Magnesium (Mg): 150 mg/l (CaCI²)
    Sulfur (S) total: 150 mg/l (CaCI²)

    Salt content in g (KCI/I)


    pH (CaCI²)



    Moderately to highly decomposed raised-bog peat (H3–H8), vegetable materials from forestry (bark humus, wood fibre), vegetable materials from horticulture and landscaping (compost from green waste), lime, mineral NP fertiliser.

    Plant examples:

    Growing on, floriculture.


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