Premium Wood Pellets


Thermospan Premium Wood Pellets

Premium Wood Pellets are produced from pure sawmill chips and are bark-free. After drying the raw materials to a moisture content of less than 10%, the material is compressed at very high pressure into premium pellets exactly 6 mm in diameter using an advanced ring die pellet mill.

  • 15 kg
    Contents: 15 kg
    Item number: 911
    Supplied as: Euro-Palette
    Unit: 66 x 15 kg
    EAN: 4027892303053
  • 1 to
    Contents: 1 to
    Item number: 912
    Supplied as: Euro-Palette
    Unit: Big Bag
    EAN: 4027892303114
  • Lose Ware
    Contents: Lose Ware
    Item number: 910
    Supplied as: Lose Ware
    Unit: Lose Ware
    EAN: 4027892303138
Thermospan Premium Wood Pellets
  • Product details:

    Manufactured to: DIN EN 14961-2 A1; 6 mm
    Ash melting point: > 1.350 °C
    Average length: 23 mm
    Diameter: 6 mm
    High density: > 1,12 kg/dm³
    Low abrasion/dust content: < 1,0%
    Moisture content: < 10%
    Ash content: < 0,5%
    Bulk density: > 650 kg/m³
    Price calculation: half VAT rate


  • Pellet price enquiry

    You are interested in the delivery of Thermospan wood pellets and want to know what the delivery of your desired quantity costs? Just fill in the fields, and we will answer you as soon as possible with a current price list.

    Please note:
    For packaged goods (Euro pallet or big bag), delivery to end customers is not possible. We only supply traders with a minimum order quantity of 10 pallets. 
Loose goods are also delivered to private customers from a quantity of 5 tonnes.




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