Profi Active WS NPK fertilizer


Plantop Profi Active WS NPK Fertilizer

The fertilizer provides the required high phosphate levels that young plants need especially for root development. It is also used in greenhouse crops to increase the size, number and quality of the flowers.
 Suitable for all types of irrigation.

N 10%
(Nitrate nitrogen: 1.3%, ammonium nitrogen: 8.7%)
P2O5 52%
K2O 10%

  • 15 kg
    Contents: 15 kg
    Item number: (DE)
    Supplied as: Euro-Palette
    Unit: 72 x 15 kg
Plantop Profi Active WS NPK Fertilizer
  • Product details:

    (DE) Fe: (DE) 0/100%
    (DE) Zn: (DE) 0/020%
    (DE) Cu: (DE) 0/050%
    (DE) Mn: (DE) 0/050%
    (DE) B: (DE) 0/020%
    (DE) Mo: (DE) 0/001%
    (DE) + Amino Acids:

    (DE) Dosierung:

    (DE) 0,5 - 2,0 ‰ (50 - 200 g/100l Wasser), bei Blattdüngung die Hälfte.

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