Profi Active WS NPK fertilizer


Profi Active WS NPK Fertilizer

Plantop Profi Active WS NPK 15 + 15 + 15 Universal fertilizer with balanced NPK ratio. It is ideal for the vegetative growth period, after transplanting and after fruit and flower production. 
Suitable for all types of irrigation.

N 15%
(Nitrate nitrogen: 6.7%, ammonium nitrogen: 8.3%)
P2O5 15%
K2O 15%
MgO 4%

  • 15 kg
    Contents: 15 kg
    Item number: (DE)
    Supplied as: Euro-Palette
    Unit: 72 x 15 kg
Profi Active WS NPK Fertilizer
  • Product details:

    (DE) Fe: (DE) 0/050%
    (DE) Zn: (DE) 0/010%
    (DE) Cu: (DE) 0/040%
    (DE) Mn: (DE) 0/030%
    (DE) B: (DE) 0/020%
    (DE) Mo: (DE) 0/001%
    (DE) + Amino Acids:
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